Nancy Alder is a meditation teacher, nature guide, and mentor on the hero’s journey of life. She brings 15+ years of experience building harmony in organizations and individual lives through facilitating authentic engagement and meaningful impact.  Her exploration of tools for support and connection include Compassionate Communication, Family Constellations, Process Work, 12-Step, Authentic World, brain-spotting, and shadow work with Robert Masters.  She has two decades of personal meditation practice and experiential study of Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Egyptian, and shamanic mystical traditions.  She has spent a lifetime embodying nature for nourishment and insight, and is energized by the on-going journey to embrace, protect, and sustain beauty, truth, and interconnection.

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Blessings on your spirit’s journey to ever deepening clarity, courage, and compassion.


Nancy’s Philosophy:

We are innerwoven.  All of the different parts of us and all the stories we tell about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going are interconnected.  What we say and do impacts each other and our world in profound ways we may never fully understand.  Through exploring the intersection between psychology, spirituality, the natural world around us, and meaningful action we can unravel what doesn’t serve us and reweave a life of vibrant depth and color.

Humanity experienced a foundational trauma when we began domesticating plants and animals, and shifted from being integral parts of the exchange of life to being uncertain rulers over it.  This separation caused us to value rational thought over intuitive knowing, silencing our feelings and body-based wisdom, and further distancing us from the wisdom inherent in nature.  This process culminated in the western world’s justification of aggression and exploitation of all life-forms deemed less valuable, fed by an unconscious sense of our compromised and precarious economic, ecological, and ethical position.

The record levels of disease, addiction, and depression in our world today are a direct result of numbing ourselves to the deeper truths regarding what we truly need to thrive and the destruction our unconsciousness continues to perpetrate.  As long as we refuse to acknowledge the atrocities humanity has and is inflicting on our environment, each other, and ourselves, we will remain isolated from the feelings of grief and outrage these aggressive violations naturally inspire, the sacred and organic healing of remorse, forgiveness, and integration, and the security and beauty of our interconnection.

Reintegrating ourselves as human beings back into the fabric of life requires courageous and honest exploration of how all aspects of our modern world feed the sense of separation that continues to traumatize and disempower us and our world – from the way we grow our food, educate our children, make a living, and govern our organizations to the way we approach spirituality, intimate relationships, and our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

This shared and vibrant journey requires a humbling and sincere communication and deepening intimacy with elements of the natural world not as resources for survival or entertainment, or metaphors for our projected human experience, but as equally sentient, respected, and inherently valuable inhabitants of our planet.  And it requires a revolutionary commitment to embracing ourselves in the fullness of our experience as sensual bodies, passionate feelings, creative minds, and vibrant souls with all the beauty, darkness, harmony, and chaos we can manifest.

What I offer are my commitments to:

  • Be as present with and accepting of my feelings and needs as I can, doing my best to take responsibility for caring for them so I can be present with and accepting of others’ feelings, needs, and feedback.
  • Deepen my connection with the natural world as represented by my body and the bodies of all living things so that I can honor our inherent sovereignty, dignity, and interdependence.
  • Deepen my connection with the spiritual aspect of life as represented by disembodied energies so that I can act with faith in enduring nourishment and guidance for fulfilling my unique service to this world.
  • Be as courageous and honest as I can about what I believe and what I value so that I can act from integrity, defend what is sacred, and create space for others to break their silence to speak and live from an interconnected, life-affirming truth.

For more about my professional and educational background, visit www.linkedin.com/in/nancyaldercva.


“My story isn’t sweet and harmonious like invented stories. It tastes of folly and bewilderment, of madness and dreams, like the life of all people who no longer want to lie to themselves” – Herman Hesse

2 Responses to About

  1. Susana Rinderle says:

    Yes. YES. YES!!! I so appreciate, and so needed this affirmation. I love your inclusive spirit, how you ground your vision in 3rd dimensional reality (without leaving the earth and floating off into woo-woo space), and I adore the metaphor of the leaf. I needed that, I need you, and the world needs You!! xo

    • nancy.j.loso@gmail.com says:

      Thanks so much, Sooz! I’m so glad my purpose statement resonates with you and that the metaphor works for you – it was gifted to be when I was in the forest. 🙂

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