We are innerwoven.  All of the different parts of us and all the stories we tell about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going are interconnected.  What we say and do impacts each other and our world in profound ways we may never fully understand.  Through exploring the intersection between psychology, spirituality, and meaningful action we can unravel what doesn’t serve us and reweave a life of vibrant depth and color.

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I believe there is a harmony inherent to our existence.  Life can feel chaotic and overwhelming, but if we focus in close enough or pull our lens back far enough, we begin to see how everything in the universe fits together.  We see interdependent cycles and patterns in nature at every level.  We recognize the wisdom, dignity, and beauty inherent to all living things.  As we integrate these experiences into our daily awareness, we begin to feel a gradually deepening sense of security, nourishment, gratitude, and awe.  We receive increasing clarity about the unique journey our spirit was born to take.  And we begin to embody the courage, compassion, and centeredness needed to expand outward in our truth, offering our unique gifts to the world, and feeling truly alive.

Each time any one of us heeds our soul’s call to live in a deeper and more authentic way, and especially when we share our journey with others, we are one step closer as a collective to birthing a new way of being for the benefit of all.


Our Inherent Harmony is my contribution to that movement.  It is my wolf call in the wilderness drawing the strength and ingenuity of a pack of kindred spirits.  And it is my soul offering to heart friends near and far so that what I have uncovered on my journey may ease and inspire theirs.

As a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, I bring two decades of personal meditation practice through Buddhist, Hindu, and Gnostic schools.  As a nonprofit manager, I bring 15+ years of experience building harmony in organizations by developing systems and relationships that facilitate authentic engagement and meaningful impact.  My unique background enables me to offer techniques and inspiration for both your journey inward and for weaving the threads you unearth into your outer life.

For more about my professional and educational background, visit www.linkedin.com/in/nancyaldercva.


“The soul is always beautiful, the universe is duly in order, every thing is in its place, what has arrived is in its place and what waits shall be in its place.” – Walt Whitman

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  1. Susana Rinderle says:

    Yes. YES. YES!!! I so appreciate, and so needed this affirmation. I love your inclusive spirit, how you ground your vision in 3rd dimensional reality (without leaving the earth and floating off into woo-woo space), and I adore the metaphor of the leaf. I needed that, I need you, and the world needs You!! xo

    • nancy.j.loso@gmail.com says:

      Thanks so much, Sooz! I’m so glad my purpose statement resonates with you and that the metaphor works for you – it was gifted to be when I was in the forest. 🙂

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