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Envy’s Unsettling Gift of Emptiness

Days like these are some of the worst. Things feel neither enlivened by new potential to anticipate nor saturated with despair to overcome. There is no movement; neither tempest nor smooth sailing. They are the doldrums of the open ocean, … Continue reading

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A Bewildering New World of Sexuality

A little over a month ago, I sat across from one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen, listening to him describe how it felt to have me in his arms – the softness and trust I exuded … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Fear

The night after my first blog post, I found myself sitting on my couch crying. A biology professor who works in Florida and Kenya had just emailed to share how much my story touched him; that he, worlds away in … Continue reading

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Different, But Not Alone

Driving across open landscapes I can lose myself between the yellow line and the horizon, hurtling into the future with vague direction. My memories and dreams become layered like philo pastry with a crisp and buoyant sense of presence. Being … Continue reading

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