Many vital life experiences are difficult to integrate and share in normal conversation.  Here, my experiments with poetry and collage invite seekers to explore various art forms for enhanced self-knowledge and expression.



In a writing workshop during a major life transition, I was introduced to a process of creating poems from free-writes, and I realized that the journaling I had been doing my whole life was actually poetry.  Today, I regularly create poetry inspired by journal entries, prose written by others, and to express the raw feeling behind an experience.  Visit Sighing Like Sediment to experience my poetry.



I first discovered the power of collage in a writing workshop where we were asked to create a small piece as a writing prompt.  I felt compelled by the way the collection of images and words complemented each other and deepened their shared meaning.  I explored collage further through Soul Collage and have now integrated this art form into my life as another tool for accessing and exploring my feelings, experiences, and intuition.

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  1. Soul Cards are a wonderful tool for accessing the deeper, hard to reach corners of our psyches. I’ve enjoyed making them as well. Nice to see yours, thanks for sharing!

    • Nancy says:

      Thank you, Leigh! I’m glad you appreciate my work and have experience soul collage yourself. We have a workshop that incorporates it coming up at Laurelwood next month that I’m thinking of taking. It never gets stale. 🙂

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