Meditation Training

Offered for individuals or groups, on-line or in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Access calm, clarity, and motivation through building a relationship with your true inner nature. I share introductory techniques for beginners, guided nature-inspired visualizations, and mentoring for experienced practitioners interested in exploring new techniques and philosophies from a variety of wisdom traditions.

I also offer group retreats and workshops on request, which can cover the fundamentals of posture, breathing, working with mantras, and developing a meditation routine, as well as covering ways meditation can be used to enhance health, resolve conflict, and develop leadership skills.

Contact me at for a free consultation about how meditation can help you or your group overcome obstacles, or to access additional guided meditations and visualization practices on my Members Only page. 


5-Minute Meditation

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“Nancy gives incredibly poignant subject matter and follows it wherever the group takes it.  I cannot express my gratitude to her for her skilled and intuitive meditation coaching. She is knowledgeable and has a knack for pinpointing possible obstacles and resolving them. I didn’t have a meditation practice before working with her.”

Amy Saha – Portland, OR


It was great to have Nancy integrate skills, experience, and mindfulness in new and meaningful ways with a broad audience.  Tying in how meditation can help us manage not only stress but conflict was a new approach, at least to me.  I learned about how conflict can strengthen my ability to lead. The practices around meditation and mindfulness are also super interesting, and I plan to start incorporating them into my life.”

Conflict Management, Leadership, and Mindfulness workshop participant



Nancy is a phenomenal trainer. Bright, cheerful, capable come to mind as appropriate adjectives to describe her. I have been seriously impressed with her communication skills, her insight, her wit, and her attitude.”

Laird D. Caruthers, M.D. – Nevada City, CA


Nancy was approachable, open, and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of experience, background or faith.

Beth Lennon – Portland, OR


Nancy is a gifted speaker. In Meditation teacher training I looked forward to her presentations because she makes concepts and instructions easy to understand. Her language is clear and concise. This makes learning easier because I feel relaxed and at ease.”

Anne S – Fresno, CA


Nancy is a bright, energetic teacher who is able to share meditation in a clear and simple way, making it easy to practice. Her goal is to help people use meditation to help express their higher potential and live in harmony with themselves and others.”

Nayaswami Diksha – Nevada City, CA