“Nancy is gifted at expressing deep wisdom articulately and eloquently.  A skilled teacher and effective presenter, she shares her insights with grace and humility in a relatable way for everyone to understand and benefit from.  It was a blessing to learn from her tools I will use and cherish for life.”

Elizabeth Kennedy, Portland OR


“Nancy gives incredibly poignant subject matter and follows it wherever the group takes it.  I cannot express my gratitude to her for her skilled and intuitive meditation coaching. She is knowledgeable and has a knack for pinpointing possible obstacles and resolving them. I didn’t have a meditation practice before working with her.”

Amy Saha – Portland, OR


“Nancy is a phenomenal trainer. Bright, cheerful, capable come to mind as appropriate adjectives to describe her. I have been seriously impressed with her communication skills, her insight, her wit, and her attitude.”

Laird D. Caruthers, M.D. – Nevada City, CA


“Nancy’s teachings are fantastic.  She is a great spiritual teacher.  I like that she shares so many experiences from her own life – this was a good reminder that we are all one with similar life experiences.”

Connie Grace, Lakeside CA


“Nancy is very clear and communicative in her process of meditation.  She gives great ideas for starting or enhancing personal meditation practice and kept us interested.  She is engaging, thoughtful and helpful to participants.”

Celia Cillon, Olympia WA


“Nancy is a gifted speaker. In Meditation teacher training I looked forward to her presentations because she makes concepts and instructions easy to understand. Her language is clear and concise. This makes learning easier because I feel relaxed and at ease.”

Anne S – Fresno, CA


“I loved Nancy’s energy and felt her wisdom and understanding to be powerful.  She exuded beauty and was personally genuine”

Elaine, Ashland OR


“Nancy is very clear and she shared with us in a very open, humble, and understanding way.”

GoMi Yang, Cottonwood AZ


“Nancy was a strong, attentive guide.  Her dedication and approach felt comfortable and inspiring.”

Bonnie Liberty, Olympia WA


“Nancy was approachable, open, and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of experience, background or faith.”

Beth Lennon, Portland OR


“I liked the guided meditation class with Nancy a lot.  She does a fabulous job of facilitating that.  In the weekly Hero’s Journey class, she brought fun and interesting topics, and it was interactive.”

Leigh Jardine – Denver, CO


“Nancy is a bright, energetic teacher who is able to share meditation in a clear and simple way, making it easy to practice. Her goal is to help people use meditation to help express their higher potential and live in harmony with themselves and others.”

Nayaswami Diksha – Nevada City, CA