Nancy Alder brings 15+ years of experience building harmony in organizations and individual lives through facilitating authentic engagement and meaningful impact.  Her exploration of tools for support and connection include Compassionate Communication, Family Constellations, Process Work, 12-Step, Authentic World, brain-spotting, and shadow work with Robert Masters.  She has two decades of personal meditation practice and experiential study of Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Egyptian, and shamanic mystical traditions.  She has spent a lifetime embodying nature for nourishment and insight, and is energized by the on-going journey to embrace, protect, and sustain beauty, truth, and interconnection.


“Thank you so much for your help. I was astounded how profound the session was and the effect it had upon me.  I was actually able to go home yesterday eat and I slept through the night for the first time all week. I’m so grateful to have crossed your path.”

Heike Mayes, Everett, WA


“One of Nancy’s strengths is clarity and the ability to communicate in ways that made learning fun.  Also, she was very good at ensuring that all of us had plenty of chances to interact and participate.  The retreat was all that the previews led me to believe it would be.  My expectations were absolutely met.”

Shea Coleman, Tacoma, WA


“It was great to have Nancy integrate skills, experience, and mindfulness in new and meaningful ways with a broad audience.  Tying in how meditation can help us manage not only stress but conflict was a new approach, at least to me.  I learned about how conflict can strengthen my ability to lead. The practices around meditation and mindfulness are also super interesting, and I plan to start incorporating them into my life.”

Conflict Management, Leadership, and Mindfulness workshop participant


“Nancy gives incredibly poignant subject matter and follows it wherever the group takes it.  I cannot express my gratitude to her for her skilled and intuitive meditation coaching. She is knowledgeable and has a knack for pinpointing possible obstacles and resolving them. I didn’t have a meditation practice before working with her.”

Amy Saha – Portland, OR


“I saw myself very small next to a hummingbird, petting it. And when I became it, I understood that all the flowers it visited were parts of me, and there were so many different kinds!  I’ve connected deeply with animals before and never thought of becoming one.  Nancy’s guided meditation was a powerful experience.”

Kristyn Andrews, Austin, TX


“There was so much that was helpful.  Highlights were the guided meditations, the Hero’s Journey as a tool for re-framing, and the group discussions about experiences and feelings. I’ve never examined my life and challenges through this lens and found it insightful, powerful, scary, and exciting!  The workshop was very strong with good flow and solid content.”

Conflict Management, Leadership, and Mindfulness workshop participant

“Nancy is a very warm and caring person who values authenticity in herself and others. She has a very inclusive teaching style and a wealth of knowledge that enable her to shift gears easily to meet the participants’ unique needs and desires during any given session. Her material is very well organized and she presents in such a way as to include any level of learner/seeker to benefit and look deeply at their own process. The Hero’s Journey workshop provided such a valuable way to look at life’s challenges as now I know that there is a predictable rhythm to “answering the (soul’s) call” and to not get to worried as the phase of “not knowing how” or “facing the dragons” show up.”

Sandy Berensen, Portland, OR


“Nancy is gifted at expressing deep wisdom articulately and eloquently.  A skilled teacher and effective presenter, she shares her insights with grace and humility in a relatable way for everyone to understand and benefit from.  It was a blessing to learn from her tools I will use and cherish for life.”

Elizabeth Kennedy, Portland OR


“Nancy is a phenomenal trainer. Bright, cheerful, capable come to mind as appropriate adjectives to describe her. I have been seriously impressed with her communication skills, her insight, her wit, and her attitude.”

Laird D. Caruthers, M.D. – Nevada City, CA


“Nancy was wonderful.  She knew how to get the most out of our group and in turn give all of us the best experience. I definitely achieved my goals of finding new ways to practice my spirituality by connecting with nature.  I came away with many thought-provoking ideas.”

Debbie Mattison, Dundee, OR


“Nancy’s teachings are fantastic.  She is a great spiritual teacher.  I like that she shares so many experiences from her own life – this was a good reminder that we are all one with similar life experiences.”

Connie Grace, Lakeside CA



“Nancy is a gifted speaker. In Meditation teacher training I looked forward to her presentations because she makes concepts and instructions easy to understand. Her language is clear and concise. This makes learning easier because I feel relaxed and at ease.”

Anne S – Fresno, CA





“Nancy was approachable, open, and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of experience, background or faith.”

Beth Lennon – Portland, OR



“Nancy is a bright, energetic teacher who is able to share meditation in a clear and simple way, making it easy to practice. Her goal is to help people use meditation to help express their higher potential and live in harmony with themselves and others.”

Nayaswami Diksha – Nevada City, CA



  • Recraft Your Story, Reclaim Your Life Retreat – November 2017, Ananda Laurelwood
  • Hero’s Journey West Coast Workshop Tour – October – November 2017, Vision Quest (Everett, WA), New Renaissance (Portland, OR), Avalon Visions (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Volunteer Management 101 – October 2017, Oregon Volunteers Americorps
  • Embodying Allies in Nature Retreat – October 2017, Ananda Laurelwood 
  • Conflict Management, Leadership & Mindfulness – September 2017, Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrator’s Association
  • First Timer’s Meditation Retreat – June & September 2017, Ananda Laurelwood
  • Hero’s Journey & Sharing Nature weekly courses – May – October 2017, Ananda Laurelwood
  • Effective Job-Hunting, January 2014, Volunteers of America Oregon
  • Volunteer Interviewing, Delegation, and Supervision, 2012 – 2014, Volunteers of America Oregon
  • Volunteer  Delegation & Supervision, 2012 – 2013, Family Building Blocks
  • Introduction to Volunteer Management, November 2012, Oregon After School Network Conference
  • Introduction to Volunteer Management, September 2012, Mercy Corps
  • Introduction to Volunteer Management, June 2012, Habitat Restore